Dr. George Joseph
Associate Professor


  1. Head of the department 2015-17
  2. NAAC core committee member 2000
  3. Sacred Heart Advanced Research endeavor(SHARE) coordinator
  4. College alumni coordinator 2010-2013
  5. Botany department alumni coordinator 2010-2013
  6. Elected member of college council-2010
  7. Co-coordinator-Research, consultancy and extension 2010 -2017
  8. Secretary, PTA & students welfare trust-2010
  9. Research coordinator to the MG University 2010-17
  10. Member IQAC advisory committee of the college
  11. Member IQAC planning and monitoring of the college


  1. Member, PG board of studies M G University 2014-17
  2. Member, P G board of studies Plant Sciences Calicut University 2013-16
  3. Chairman, U G Expert committee M G University 2013-16
  4. Member, Degree Board of studies M G University-2005 -2009
  5. Member of team for educational multimedia content development for Botany, EMMRC, Calicut University
  6. Invited speeches delivered-10 (at various colleges)
  7. Member in the committee for preparation and familiarization of training module for higher secondary teachers (Botany)
  8. Research guide, successfully guided 10 research scholars for PhD
  9. Published more than 60 research papers